Jack Tench - Student Programmer


My main hobby is running a successful casual web game development company called ArcadePanic, which has given me huge amounts of experience in many sectors. I learnt most of my programming skills whilst creating these games. I have also acquired many valuable skills liaising with clients. Our clients require sponsorships, licensing and customization of our games, for which we charge up to $8000 and with companies as large as Viacom and EA games. Through this I have gained experience discussing a client’s needs with them and then performing the necessary design and programming to fulfill these. I have also had several freelance programming jobs creating web based highscore systems for large online gaming portals and other similar tasks.

I also have a passion for cycling and the outdoors, especially as a group. I recently cycled around 300 miles in 4 days with a group of close friends. I organized the route and it was a great exercise in teamwork, planning and motivation.

I have always enjoyed climbing and recently joined the University’s Mountaineering Club and go on regular trips across the UK climbing.